7/16/19 Major Update - Alpha version 1.0.1


-Gutso's Garden map has been revamped to look more like
an actual garden.

-A tutorial tent has been added to Gutso's Garden
map to help non-crypto users study for the quizzes.
*The tent can be reached by clock statues from
any major map for studying when needed.

-Players can now backtrack to previous maps by the
use of clock statues.

-The map directly south of Gutso's Garden has been
changed, and some NPCs removed.  A mini-puzzle room 
has been added to the map. 

-There is now a secondary game objective of
collecting 0xBitcoins hidden throughout the game.
*There are 10 in total. Currently, the 0xBitcoins 
serve no purpose other than to collect.

-Wrong answers now deplete 10 HP instead of restarting
the event. HP falling below 10 will trigger a game over.

-Potions can be used to restore 20 HP. These are scattered
throughout the game.

-Saving from the menu has been disabled. Clock statues
must be used to save progress.


-Added "directly" into Gutso's 4th question
to make it more technically accurate.

-Removed "JavaScript" as an incorrect answer
in Liliana's 5th question.

-There is now a new title screen that features
Zero-chan instead of Yotsuba.

NOTE: 816x624 title/credits images by anyone proficient
in image editing would be much appreciated.

-Gutso, Liliana and Demi have had their dialogue
altered slightly to reflect the changes.

-Full-screen option has been added.

Questions and comments welcome here or in Discord pm.
Please report any game bugs!
www.0xbitcoin.org for information regarding 0xBitcoin
Thank you!

with love,


Zero-chan Learns Crypto.zip Play in browser
Jul 16, 2019


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Such an awesome game 😁